Film Pathway

To allow students to develop their skill set, not solely as creatives but as academics, we have designed a process that will permit them time to achieve competency in the craft of storytelling: visual, spoken, and written.

Class Structure

Each class is structured to bring in two professionals with different but complementing skill sets: screenwriting, producing, directing, editing to name a few. Each different expertise has at its core the element of storytelling.

Intended to cover a 90 minute class twice a week for 34 weeks, the lesson is a living breathing document that has been designed to align with the ELA/ELD common core, VAPA, and CTE standards in addition to meeting the specific needs of the certified teacher. The film projects are a means to enhance the lessons of the classroom and be completed during class time to develop 21st century skills of both the student and teacher alike.


4th to 12th Grade Pathway

Grade Classes Projects
4th Beginner Film 5 Scripts/Films (3-5mins), Posters
6th Beginner Film 5 Scripts/Films (3-5mins), Posters
7th / 8th Homage to Film 3 Scripts/Films (5-7mins), Posters (based on 3 film eras)
9th Intro to Cinematic Arts 3 Scripts/Films (7-10Mins), Posters
10th Cinema Streaming Series 3 Ads, Documentaries, News Broad casts,
3 Streaming TV Series, 3 episodes (3-5min each)
11th Cinematic College / Career Prep College & Festival Application Portfolios 30 experimental projects (1per student)
12th Cinema Senior Thesis Student Internship and Senior Project
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